January 28, 2009


I want to tell you about the city where I come from.

I am peruvian and my home town is Lima.
Lima is the capital of Peru and we know Lima as the city of the kings.

Is a modern city but of course with a lot of architectural buildings.

One of my favorite buildings ist the Government Palace, where our President live. In lima you can find many kind of people, a lot of races and that make my city really nice and interesting.

What I love about Peru and Lima ist the food. The food in Lima is a result from many mixtures of flavours and cultures. One of my favorite disches is the Ceviche. one of the most delicious dishes :).

Also we can find some typical dances like Marinera.

Lima have a beautiful coast and also some nice beaches.

I will say that my city have a lot to discover… enjoy it.


3 Responses to “Lima”

  1. batb0x said

    It is very interesting to try your traditional dishes. Can u maybe cook for us? haha )))
    Nice picture, really,but why is your Nickname Mr 07. Do u like James Bond, or what?

  2. Uwe said

    I think, grilled alpaca is more delicious as ceviche. But in summer it taste great and after finish with the dish to drink the tigermilk 🙂 yummy.

    Lima is an interesting but for me a chaotic city. I hope to be there one time again in the future.

  3. altana87 said

    It sounds great to live in the big sity near the ocean, eat delicious food and dance:DDD

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