My Favourite Art

February 19, 2009

When I think about what kind of art I like? then I think about photography, and the reason why I like photography is because you can see many things in one picture, for example feelings and emotions, colours and of course a photographer can capture a lot of situations with a camera, and sometimes it can be really extraordinary moments in our life.
My favourite artist is Mario Testino, he is a important phographer in the world and he is peruvian, I am proud of him because only with his pictures show to the world many wonderfull faces of my country.
He also worked already with a lot of famous people, and he is very popular in the fashion scene.
“In the foothills of the Andes, two intrepid travellers become birds of paradise in this seasonĀ“s swirling skirts, rainbow colours, exotic frills and feathers”, That is how one of the most fantastic and colorfull dreams of the Mario Testino begins; with some touch of light from the ancient unreal magic of Peru, this photographer show us a glamourous story that makes backpacking Chic. Mario Testino headed for his homeland with two of the most beatiful models of the moment to create a vision of backpacking travellers in the glorious peacock colours of spring.
Here you can see a little bit about his art.





The New 7 Wonders

February 4, 2009

For me the event of the New 7 Wonders of the World had a particular meaning, because Machu Picchu in Peru ist now one of the new 7 Wonders of the World.

I must choose a New 7 from a list. Then my New 7 Wonders are:

1. The Acropolis of Athens (Greece).

I think is beautiful place with a lot of Cultural and Historical meanings.


2. Angkor (Cambodia).

A wonderful Monument in Asia with a lot of Mystery.


3. Statues of Easter Island (Chile).

A mythical Archaeological rest.


4. The Hagia Sophia (Turkey).

Show us how powerful an Empire can be.


5. The Pyramids of Giza (Egypt).

The oldest Wonder still standing.


6. The Kremlin and Red Square (Russia).

A symbol of Russia and a Great architectural sample.


7. Timbuktu (Mali).

Remains us the force and intelligence in that time.


When I must decide wish can be a new Wonder. Then I would choose Las Lineas de Nazca. Because they are mysterious images and we can only see it from the air.