Barack Obama

April 23, 2009


Barack Obama wrote now history like a first Afro American President in the history of the United States of America, in a country where unhappy until today racism and discrimination are monsters who cannot be exterminated.

But Obama come to give us hope and try to make us to think about the world where we are living and about the fact, like himself said “YES WE CAN”, to change our destiny and in that way to give to the future generations a place with justice, more solidary and especially less destructive.


One Response to “Barack Obama”

  1. behrensstk said

    Hello Renzo,
    I really enjoyed reading your blog. Your posts are interesting and you put some amazing links/photos into your posts. But you misunderstood the last task (Barack Obama – you didn’t answer the questions) and there are some grammar and spelling mistakes in your blog. But overall, a really good blog. Your grade for the blog is 2.
    Ms Behrens

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