Barack Obama

April 23, 2009


Barack Obama wrote now history like a first Afro American President in the history of the United States of America, in a country where unhappy until today racism and discrimination are monsters who cannot be exterminated.

But Obama come to give us hope and try to make us to think about the world where we are living and about the fact, like himself said “YES WE CAN”, to change our destiny and in that way to give to the future generations a place with justice, more solidary and especially less destructive.


23/08/1901 – 06:00

I beginn today my trip to America. I have a lot of dreams and I think in America they can come true.
Many said that America is the country of the opportunities, and I hope that´s true.
I am also a little bit afraid because I don´t know anybody there and of course I think will be not easy the first days.
Now I pack my baggage and of course with a lot of emotions and strange feelings because I will leave my country. But I need to do it, the economy is not good here, and maybe in America I can have more chances to grow up.

27/08/1901 – 09:00

I am already in America. But we arrived to the Ellis Island, they said to us, that they will control somethings and after we can still our trip to New York, we must left our suitcases here. I hope that takes not much time, because I am already tired.

27/08/1901 – 14:05

It was very hard until now, after we left our baggages, we climbed the stairs to the Great Hall for medical and legal examinations.

The first test for all the immigrants became known as the “six second medical exam.” As the immigrants climbed the stairs to the Great Hall, doctors stood at the top and watched. They were looking for anyone having difficulty coming up the steps. If a medical problem or disability was suspected, one of seventeen different chalk marks was put on the person’s clothing. They were then sent for a full physical examination. If they weren’t marked, they went on to wait in the Great Hall.

That was a little bit hard, because of course some of this people are not alow to come into America, and they must go back to their countries.

After the medical examinations we waited in the Great Hall for the interviews with legal inspectors.
They asked me a lot of things, for example where I come from?, where I pretend to live in America?, If I had criminal actions in the past and so on… because Inspectors rejected any immigrant with a criminal record.
Well was ok, but of course sometimes I was nervious because the actitud of the inspectors were strange.
Happines my documentation were all ok, I showed my passport and my visa, and everything was ok 🙂
After I change some money, because Is not allow to enter to America with less to 20 dollars.

And now I have the permition to go to New York and I feel so happy, because that ist the beginnen of many changes in my life. I hope that here in America, I can construct a big future for my life 🙂


April 8, 2009

I will like to do a lot of tings before I die. Some incredible and crazy things. For example I will like to visit the Great wall of China, first because I have not visited even China and I think can be a great experience. Of course is always good to know new cultures and new people, but I think the great wall of China is one thing you must know before you die, is one of the biggest meaningful monuments in the world.

Galapagos Island

March 31, 2009

The Galapagos islands lie in the Pacific Ocean about 1,000 km from the South American coast and straddling the Equator. There are 13 large islands, 6 smaller ones and 107 islets and rocks, with a total land area of about 8,000 square kilometres. The islands are volcanic in the west of the archipelago are still very active. Most of the islands are inhabited, with a total population of around 25,000 people. Is a very interesting and beautiful place when you want to see nature pure.

Machu Picchu

March 31, 2009

The ruins of Machu Picchu, rediscovered in 1911 by Yale archaeologist Hiram Bingham, are one of the most beautiful and enigmatic Archaeological remains in the world. Legends and myths indicate that Machu Picchu (meaning ‘Old Peak’ in the Quechua language) was revered as a sacred place from a far earlier time. Whatever its origins, the Inca turned the site into a small but extraordinary city. Invisible from below and completely self contained, surrounded by agricultural terraces sufficient to satisfy the population, and watered by natural springs, Machu Picchu seems to have been utilized by the Inca as a secret ceremonial city. Two thousand feet above the rumbling Urubamba river, the cloud shrouded ruins have palaces, baths, temples, storage rooms and some 150 houses, all in a good state of preservation.

My Favourite Art

February 19, 2009

When I think about what kind of art I like? then I think about photography, and the reason why I like photography is because you can see many things in one picture, for example feelings and emotions, colours and of course a photographer can capture a lot of situations with a camera, and sometimes it can be really extraordinary moments in our life.
My favourite artist is Mario Testino, he is a important phographer in the world and he is peruvian, I am proud of him because only with his pictures show to the world many wonderfull faces of my country.
He also worked already with a lot of famous people, and he is very popular in the fashion scene.
“In the foothills of the Andes, two intrepid travellers become birds of paradise in this season´s swirling skirts, rainbow colours, exotic frills and feathers”, That is how one of the most fantastic and colorfull dreams of the Mario Testino begins; with some touch of light from the ancient unreal magic of Peru, this photographer show us a glamourous story that makes backpacking Chic. Mario Testino headed for his homeland with two of the most beatiful models of the moment to create a vision of backpacking travellers in the glorious peacock colours of spring.
Here you can see a little bit about his art.




The New 7 Wonders

February 4, 2009

For me the event of the New 7 Wonders of the World had a particular meaning, because Machu Picchu in Peru ist now one of the new 7 Wonders of the World.

I must choose a New 7 from a list. Then my New 7 Wonders are:

1. The Acropolis of Athens (Greece).

I think is beautiful place with a lot of Cultural and Historical meanings.


2. Angkor (Cambodia).

A wonderful Monument in Asia with a lot of Mystery.


3. Statues of Easter Island (Chile).

A mythical Archaeological rest.


4. The Hagia Sophia (Turkey).

Show us how powerful an Empire can be.


5. The Pyramids of Giza (Egypt).

The oldest Wonder still standing.


6. The Kremlin and Red Square (Russia).

A symbol of Russia and a Great architectural sample.


7. Timbuktu (Mali).

Remains us the force and intelligence in that time.


When I must decide wish can be a new Wonder. Then I would choose Las Lineas de Nazca. Because they are mysterious images and we can only see it from the air.





January 28, 2009


I want to tell you about the city where I come from.

I am peruvian and my home town is Lima.
Lima is the capital of Peru and we know Lima as the city of the kings.

Is a modern city but of course with a lot of architectural buildings.

One of my favorite buildings ist the Government Palace, where our President live. In lima you can find many kind of people, a lot of races and that make my city really nice and interesting.

What I love about Peru and Lima ist the food. The food in Lima is a result from many mixtures of flavours and cultures. One of my favorite disches is the Ceviche. one of the most delicious dishes :).

Also we can find some typical dances like Marinera.

Lima have a beautiful coast and also some nice beaches.

I will say that my city have a lot to discover… enjoy it.


January 22, 2009

I hope everybody enjoy my new blog.
I will try to share with you things that I like and we can also make some discussions… you can also participate here, you only must leave a comment and then we can start an interesting conversation.

I like to travel and visit new countries, I love music and of course also like to dance, but I also like to eat good food.

My favorite city is Paris and I try to go there minimun 2 times a year.

Now I live in Hamburg and I am happy to be here, is a beautiful city and I hope that I can stay a longer time here.